Orthopedic ailments


If bone deficiencies or fractures are bothering you, then Ayurvedic treatment is the solution to your problems. Maitra has extensive remedies that can heal fractures and cracks in bones, and cure bone deficiency complaints. Using traditional science in a contemporary format, herbs, bark and leaves of locally available medicinal plants are employed to prepare specialized medical formulas that provide highly effective treatment. Twigs are often used to reduce discomfort while healing fractures.

Many branches of Ayurveda have evolved over the years, and the Kalariya style of bone re-setting is the most well-known in the sphere of orthopaedic treatment in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medical oil massages are known to provide relief to hurting bones, and the internal components of Panchakarma complement the external therapy well. However, faith in this branch of alternative medicine is imperative if results are to be expected.

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