Garbha Sanskar

Indian tradition places immense faith in the bond between a pregnant woman and her foetus. The underlying principle of Garbhini Paricharya and Garbha Sanskara (Ayurvedic Antenatal Care) then, can be identified as the relationship between the mother’s thought processes and the development of her unborn child. The science of pre-natal care talks of how the every-day aspects of the mother-to-be’s life intricately influence the formation of the foetus’s brain and moulds its core personality.

During the pregnancy, it is imperative that the mother maintain holistic health – both physical and mental. It is believed that the foundation of an individual’s character is laid from the time beginning with its conception and evolving through the nine months of pregnancy.

Excessive Ama or toxins in a pregnant woman are commonly caused by improper digestion. Ayurveda prescribes cleansing processes in Panchakarma to rid the body of such Ama. This ensures that the mother’s body systems are not overloaded and that they function easily. Panchakarma should be undertaken with the help of a trained Maitra practitioner.

One of the best ways of achieving all-round health that is indispensable for pregnant women is undoubtedly Ayurveda. Not only does the Maitra’s Ayurvedic Panchakarma process purify your bodily systems, it also cleanses the mind and soul, emptying all negativity and pessimism from the thought process. The dietary patterns that are suggested by Maitra are customized to suit the gynaecological specifications of the pregnant women and Ayurvedic massages that form an integral component of the Panchakarma of pre-natal and ante-natal care help to ensure a normal delivery.

The benefits of Garbhini Paricharya and Garbha Sanskara can be enlisted as:

  • Helps in the Mental, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual development of the baby
  • Improves immunity and enhances skin complexion of the foetus
  • Helps to overcome hereditary diseases or weaknesses
  • Increases the positive attributes of the parents passed on during pregnancy, and trims the negatives

Music therapy is also one of the latest trends in modern gynaecological pre-natal treatment, but this has been advocated from the initial days of Garbhini Paricharya and Garbha

Sanskara. It is believed that the type of music that a mother-to-be hears, or the images she sees, formulate the abilities of the child developing within her womb. Many Garbhini Paricharya and Garbha Sanskara special music CDs are available to help enthusiastic mothers to impart the correct values to the foetus. After all, Indian parenting has always been about building a strong value-based infrastructure in the child’s mind, and if Ayurvedic procedures aid the cause, why not try it out? There is a special 9-month regimen in Ayurveda that ensures the immunity and health of mother and child till the end of the gestation period.

For mothers who yearn to shed those extra pregnancy pounds, Maitra’s Medical Oil massages are a godsend. Also, Ayurveda specifies that a daily dose of Gutti for toddlers till one-and-a-half years of age will aid their development.

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